Besuch aus Taiwan

Während den letzten sieben Wochen war Jason Lin bei uns zu Gast. In dieser Zeit plante und realisierte er mehrere Projekte. Eine Auswahl stellen wir hier gerne vor:

Threadholder / Fadenspulenhalter

Here are some laser-cut models of thread rolls box. The idea was inspired by a pin on Pinterest, some stackable boxes could easily be built with interlocked wood pieces. So I built up a 3D model on Autodesk Fusion 360.

Afterwards, I cut the pieces with laser-cutter and assembled them together. With the cover on top and the closed bottom, this thread rolls box avoids dust from getting in.

Calliperholder / Werkzeughalter

This 3D-printed Calliper holder was created with 3D-modelling program- Autodesk Fusion 360, considering usability, efficiency and other user-experiences. After several preliminary models being improved, I printed this model which steadily holds the calliper and is easily accessible.

Dragon head / Drachenkopf

This dragon head was created for FabLab Bern at the Design Festival of Bern 2017.

I found a beautiful aria dragon model on thingiverse. After cutting off the body and remaining the head for further modification, I sent the model to a program Autodesk Slicer to slice the 3D model into pieces. The file were sent to laser-cutter and the pieces were cut out with cardboards for assembly.

I glued the model together piece by piece and created this elegant sculpture-like model.